Community Center

Scott is interested in helping to develop community centers in our district – including activities for seniors, kids, non-profit groups.

Balance in Government

“Politics is the art of compromise” – Joe Bruno. Scott firmly believes that after elected you not only govern to toward the people who elected you but you actually govern toward the masses.

Maintaining Area's Rural Character

This issue is very important to Scott.  As much as many people would like access to convenient shopping and increased business development, we must remember why people moved to Schodack, Sand Lake and Nassau in the first place!  This area is abundant with natural water resources and we are within minutes of multiple hiking, skiing, and camping opportunities.

Opiates Epidemic

Opioid addiction has touched many of us including Scott’s family.  This scourge knows no boundaries and without going into too much detail, Scott’s family lives with it too.  We must see Addiction for what it is …. a disease.  We must find a way to stop the influx of opiates in our area and focus on legal prescription abuse that often becomes heroin addiction.


Scott has supported Veterans organizations for years.  He is proud to support Rebuilding Warriors, Combat Vets, Wounded Warriors and more.  Veteran issues are very important to Scott.


Why am I running?

WHY? Why are you running for public office? Many people have asked me WHY? Why are you running? The answer is simple. I love helping people and this job would allow me to help my community on a much larger scale. You see, I come from a family that was very involved in our community….

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What is a legislator?

What is a County Legislator anyway? When I was approached about running for County Legislator, I really didn’t know what a legislator did, specifically. I know some of the current Legislators, Leon Fiacco, Alex Shannon and Phil Danaher, so I asked them. I admit, I thought the position was more ceremonial, taking meetings and going…

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