Senior Issues

Scott believes we need help encourage the seniors in our area by helping to provide affordable housing solutions. Seniors are the largest population of our area living in poverty and many of them are unable to maintain their family homes.

Arts in the Region

Scott believes that we are lucky to have the Sand Lake Center for the Arts and would like to help develop this local resource.

Maintaining Area's Rural Character

This area is abundant with natural water resources and we are within 1 hour of multiple hiking, skiing, and camping opportunities. Scott also supports the Rensselaer Platuea Association.

Balance in Government

After 8 years on the Town of Sand Lake Zoning Board Association, Scott has learned that in local government and community issues all parties involved must be treated equally and compromises must be made.


On Memorial Day, the country will honor those who served and continue to serve in the military: “We never forget. From day to day, we NEVER forget”


Afternoon 9 hole scramble and prime rib dinner at Burden Lake Country Club

Tom Choquette is throwing a fundraiser for Bob Loveridge and I. Please join us at our fundraiser for a little golf and dinner at Burden Lake Country Club. Directions to Burden Lake Country Club: The event takes place on Friday, October 20th. The golf tees off at 2:00pm and the dinner starts at 5:00pm. Beer…

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Why am I running?

WHY? Why are you running for public office? Many people have asked me WHY? Why are you running? The answer is simple. I love helping people and this job would allow me to help my community on a much larger scale. You see, I come from a family that was very involved in our community….

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What is a legislator?

What is a County Legislator anyway? When I was approached about running for County Legislator, I really didn’t know what a legislator did, specifically. I know some of the current Legislators, Leon Fiacco, Alex Shannon and Phil Danaher, so I asked them. I admit, I thought the position was more ceremonial, taking meetings and going…

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